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There is significant turmoil in the lumber market as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic reducing the output of mills, as well as recent tariffs and increased demand, which has caused lumber prices to increase by 50% or more.  The shed factories started passing this the increased costs to shed dealers.  By working with multiple manufactures, we were able to hold off on passing this cost along to customers; however, at this point all shed manufacturers are imposing a surcharge that we can no longer absorb.  Effective immediately, all of the posted prices on our website for any wood structure (sheds, playhouses, pergolas, pavilions, etc) will have a 22% surcharge added to the total.  We hope that the turmoil in the lumber market resolves itself quickly and we regret the need to impose the surcharge.  We will be working on posting the new prices once we find that the lumber market has stabilized.