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How To Get Started

Believe it or not, buying a storage shed, a pool house or playhouse can be quite an overwhelming decision. Below are some suggestions to help you come to the right decision.

First select a style you like

Ask yourself if you are buying this shed just for storage and will it be in an out of the way part of your property. If your shed will be visible in your yard, perhaps the appearance and style is really important to you. As you look through our website you will see that our sheds come in many different models, designs and options so you can have exactly what you want!

Then decide on a size

Give serious thought to what you plan to put in the shed. Consider their size and configuration. Think about whether you will need to add more items in the coming years. Often people underestimate the size of the shed they need. If you have the room, plan for a larger shed. Click here to see sizes.

What options do you think you’d like or need?

Most of the sheds we offer come with many different options and colors. As you review the various pages of styles, notice the options that are available to you…everything from utilitarian extra doors, vents and ramps to decorative flowerpots and weather vanes. All of these options personalize your shed. If you don’t see what you want – be sure to ask!

Once you’ve chosen the size and style – we take care of everything else

Okay – you’ve decided on your style, color, size and options. Now you’re ready to purchase your shed. Come in to our store to place your order and we will do all the rest. If you’d like to see the various styles and options, we can take you to our nearby showplace lot where we have 35 different sheds on display.

Site Checks

After you order your shed and give us the required deposit, we make a site visit to check out your property. We make sure the space is sufficient for the size shed you ordered and in general make sure that your property is ready to take delivery of your shed. (25 mile radius of store)

How you get our shed delivered

We offer several options for delivery. If space permits we can deliver your shed completely assembled on our truck. Or we can deliver the shrink-wrapped kit to your driveway and then our build-on-site crew will bring in the parts and assemble your shed where you want it. That usually takes place the following day after the delivery of the kit. For more information, see Delivery and Set-up.