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Site Prep

Sometimes, depending on the level grade and size of your property, as well as the composition of the soil, we may need to do some site preparation. We want you to be completely satisfied that you’re your new shed will rest properly on the ground and remain stable for many years to come. That’s why, whenever possible, we make an in person home inspection.

Here’s what we may find: 

Gravel – We often suggest a level crushed stone pad made up of either Quarry-Process commonly known as QP or Crushed Recycled Concrete. Ask about the advantages of either one of those products over other products that are available. A level crushed stone pad will also extend the life of your building and meet most town requirements for sheds over 100 square feet in size and less than 200 square feet.

Sometimes we have to build up an area because the ground is uneven and drops off. The example below will show you how we prepare the ground in this case. It is important when there is a steep grade to be sure the entire area is completely level before we deliver the shed.

Cement Blocks Another type of site prep is to raise the shed off of the ground on leveled concrete blocks.  We use different height cement blocks strategically placed under the shed to provide support and make the shed level. This is the least expensive site prep cost for sheds of 100 square feet or less in most towns.

Concrete Slab – Some people feel they would like a concrete slab under their shed. This is the most expensive form of site prep and in certain cases it is the only way to do the job properly. Please consult with us before you make alternate arrangements outside of these guidelines. If you do the crushed stone pad yourself, remember it has to be level.

An example of raised site prep

Another example of raised site prep